Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 15: Still in Sedona, Arizona

Miles Traveled: Zero
April 27, 2008

Forgot to mention yesterday that when we rolled into Sedona to get a room, we thought this might be the first time we got skunked. Y’see, Brian said this whole trip was gonna be by the seat of our pants—no reservations…anywhere. Sedona is a very popular place for tourists and, by the time we rolled in, it was crowded and people were already pouring into hotels in droves. We stopped by the first Best Western hotel—and sure enough—they were booked solid. But they told us there was another Best Western on the other end of town. We asked them to call ahead for a room—and we got one. But, on the way over, Brian said that there was a place Scott had recommended (Scott sees a lot of motorcycles parked at this place), so—let’s just see if they had anything. We got the last vacancy—which happened to be practically an *apartment*: living area, full kitchen and two bedrooms. It has been amazing how lucky we have been with regard to accommodations on this trip!

Anyhoooo, back to Sunday, April 27th. Brian got up early (he doesn’t sleep well when it’s not our own bed) and took even more pictures of the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona. Grace slept in (hey—I’m not a morning person, awright?!) Then we went out for breakfast. Actually got to ride withOUT helmets—which was a treat since it’s the law in California to wear them…it’s “optional” in other states after age 18.

Grace did a wee bit of shopping and then we went to the Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits for lunch. We were waiting for two friends of Grace’s who came up to Sedona from the Phoenix area to meet us. Susan and Lin and Lin’s husband John arrived and we had a great lunch (oh—and by the way, Prickly Pear Margueritas—made with real cactus juice—is purty good!) After lunch, Brian went back to the room to do some work and the rest of the crew hit downtown Sedona’s abundant shops. This was a great day with great friends!!

Lin, Susan & Grace

John & Brian

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