Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 14: Destination - Sedona, Arizona

Starting Mileage: 11054
Ending Mileage: 11228
Miles Traveled: 174
April 26, 2008

This is the view from Scott & Mercy’s roof at sunset. Wow! The view from the living room is just as good, it comes with comfy couches and chairs. I’m getting ahead of myself, though ...

We left Holbrook via I-40 so we would pass by the Meteor Crater. Big hole, nice facility (though a little pricey) and comes complete with the Apollo 13 space capsule. Turns out the landscape inside the crater is so much like the moon that NASA trains the crews here, tests new equipment, etc. Back on the road, the landscape took on a new look as we neared Flagstaff: Less dry, flat and barren and more like the Sierra foothills – lots of trees, rolling hills, an occasional creek. As we turned south on 89A and pointed ourselves to Sedona, we passed through Oak Creek Canyon. What a beautiful place! The winding road down to the canyon floor is a little rough, what from the snow plows and all, but the floor is populated with campgrounds, motels and lots of space. Lots of trees, which make photographing the impressive canyon walls from the back of a motorcycle kind of hard, but it looks like a great place to camp. Then you reach the mouth of the canyon...

I hadn’t done much research on Sedona, so really wasn’t prepared for the awesome beauty that was waiting for us. Am I using beauty/beautiful a lot? There is no other way to describe it. Grace says try: Beee-YU-ti-ful!! I like red in the landscape, and this place is loaded. The rock formations that make up the valley surrounding the town of Sedona can be viewed from everywhere, especially in the center of the main intersection in town.

Scott & Mercy (view/living room/Wow!) took us to dinner at APizza Heaven on the West side of Sedona, a nice place frequented by the locals. Good food, nice atmosphere, lots of friendly people.

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